Flashback: 2 Months Ago. Where is the mortgage money going to come from?

I won’t bore you with the ugly marriage destruction details just yet, but let’s just say we are currently separated, I am living in the family home with our kids and he is paying child support and alimony while I am going to school.

Until he loses his job.

Yes, disaster struck when the money disappeared, and I, already gearing up for a summer of school, taking care of the kids, and starting my first summer internship started to freak out. The separation had already stretched us beyond thin, so there wasn’t anything for emergencies stashed away. So I did the only think I could thing to do. (Well besides calling a realtor!).

I started looking at every item in my house with an eye to “sell it if you don’t love it”. I had always read those minimalism blog articles a little wistfully anyway. Wouldn’t it be nice to have less stuff to dust? Sure!

I went to Facebook and began requesting admittance into the local mom’s sale group. And the county-wide swap group. And the marketplace. I carefully took lovely pictures of my cherished wooden toys, the toys my kids hadn’t touched in years. I priced them fairly. I posted, and then… nothing. I went through a period of posting more and more items, and dropping prices until I found the sweet spot. That point where I’d get at least a few comments of “Interested!”

My little free time became consumed with sorting items, taking (what I hoped were) great pictures, and posting to Facebook. Some things went easy, and then I’d post an item for price that was a bit too low and I’d have 50 people pinging my phone, wanting to know when they could pick it up (wooden porch swing, plastic sandbox).

I was paying for groceries! And a few of the bills. Then my parents gifted me with a pile of jewelry that I was able to sell for weight and just covered the first month’s mortgage payment. It was a relief, but my husband was yet to get a job, and that mortgage payment just keeps coming up every month.

At the same time, I was trying to pack, clean, and paint in order to get the house on the market. Unfortunately the chase for grocery money in the way of $2-$5 sales on Facebook had to come first. As successful as I was feeling, my friend mentioned, “You’re going to run out of stuff to sell.”

I kept eyeing the wooden toys that wouldn’t sell. I also now had a pile of costume jewelry that, while pretty, wasn’t something of value to a jeweler paying for gold and silver. It also was a colossal fail on Facebook, even at rock bottom prices. And that’s when my friend looked at me and said one word. “Ebay.”

Photo Credit:

Emily Campbell

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